The Imager – Introduction

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Dedolight projection attachments
are used to produce defined light and shadow patterns with absolute precision and infinite variations.

They fit the front accessory slot of the new DLH200D daylight/tungsten focusing light head and all classic Dedolights (except the DLOBA² on–board light).

Our projection attachments have been used on Fresnel lights of other manufacturers, but unfortunately, with a sacrifice in light efficiency.
Because the Dedolight and its projection attachment are a uniquely matched optical system, effective output is greater than offered by other fixtures with much higher wattage.

Dedolight projection attachments produce a clean shadow, high resolution and sharpness, as well as unrivaled contrast between black shadow and clean light with absolutely no color fringing. Use of interchangeable lenses controls size and intensity allowing working ranges from table top close ups to longer distances.

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