DLWA – Wide Eye


The wide eye is an optical wide angle attachment for classic dedolight, Sundance 200D and dedolight LED DLED4 Series.

A special negative lens widens the maximum angle from 48° to 80°.

Wide angle focusing still possible.

Integrated 8 leaf barn door for precision control.




dedolights can focus like no other conventional light source. This is made possible by our patented dedolight concept with two aspherical lenses and triple zoom focus movement.

Small studio lights focus in a ratio of 1:3.
Some large studio Fresnels reach 1:6.
dedolights have a focusing range up to 1:25.

These figures refer to changes of intensity when focusing from flood to spot. dedolight changes the angle of exit from approx. 60° down to 4°. Such are values which are never reachable by other comparable lights.

New – another added exclusive feature:
A whole series of aspheric optical, wide-angle attachements called Wide Eye.

By adding these attachments the focusing range of dedolights is enhanced up to a ratio of 1:55 and changes the angle of exit from 4° all the way to 90°. For video cameras, such attachments were known to turn a standard zoom into a wide-angled zoom. This is another dedolight lighting exclusive.

Wide Eye is available in three different sizes:

• for classic dedolight and 200W Sundance and DLED4
• for series 400 and DLED9
• for series 1200 and DLED12

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