DFX – Effect Glass Gobos

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To be used with our Imager DP1 the Background FX glass gobos quickly change any flat, drab background into a stunning piece of set design.
With 11 different patterns and 8 colors you create dozens of effects. Focusing and defocusing the pattern changes the mood.
Sandwich them together with standard metal gobos and you have an even wider choice.
The same Effects and Colors are available for the Series 400 Imager DP400.

Each pattern is available in 8 highly saturated dichroic colors:
Blue (B), Purple (P), Light Blue (LB), Red (R), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Turquoise (T), Light Green (LG)
Order code e.g.: DFXT3-B = „Waffle“ blue


DFXT1 Effekt Glass „Harmony“


DFXT2 – Effect Glass „Groove“


DFXT3 – Effect Glass „Waffle“


DFXT4 – Effect Glass „Waves“


DFXT5 – Effect Glass „Lamello“


DFXT6 – Effect Glass „Mystic Squares“


DFXT7 – Effect Glass „Cakester“


DFXT8 – Effect Glass „Crystal“


DFXT9 – Effect Glass „Flow“


DFXT10 – Effect Glass „Farrago“


DFXT11 – Effect Glass „Cells“

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