DWAFX – Directional Beam Spreader

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with holder for Classic Series, Series 200 and
DLED 4 Series accessory slot


A special structure in a metal frame / holding ring – These unique light-shaping attachments spread the defined beam of the focusing dedolight in one direction. The orientation of the beam spread can be rotated.

• high transmission

• practically no diffusion


Can also be used for a combination of several dedolights in spot or medium focus position
(all with equal focus and intensity settings – DMX), placed in parallel direction to achieve a uniform band of light.

Similar effects have always been possible on focusing studio lights or lights with a defined
beam angle by adding a gel filter called „brushed silk“. This is still valid, but will always
produce a noticeable amount of diffusion at the same time as spreading the light beam in one

With the unequalled dedolight and it‘s clean beam concept, these directional beam spreaders DWAFX allow the spreading of the light without causing diffusion.

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