O firmě Dedolight

Dedolight–a story of dedication and success

The first Dedolight was built in 1984 with the original concept evolvingabout_dedo_1
out of my experiences as a Director of Photography since 1963. For
many years, we builtonly one version and size, and still, it became the
single best selling lighting instrument for professional motion picture,
television, still photography, and architectural uses worldwide.

By 1990, Dedolight and its revolutionary optical principle of the dual
lens concept had so successfully established itself as a well known
standard in the international film community that it earned the Tech-
nical Achievement Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

By the year 2000, larger sizes of lights in both daylight and tungsten
were introduced – the Series 400. These lights, while incorporating

both a patented triple zoom focus and our new patented Double
Aspheric technology allows for further enhanced light output, tighter
focusing range, and more even light and color distribution.

Four of the highest awards in the industryabout_dedo_2

It didn’t take long for the revolutionary Series 400 to gain recognition among the
professional community. In 2002, the Dedolight design team was presented with
the Cinec Award, and in 2003 awarded with both a Scientific and Engineering
Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and
Sciences and an esteemed Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts
and Sciences.

2003 also hosted the introduction of a new generation of the classic Dedolight when
we developed a way to incorporate both the qualities of the new generation “Double
Aspheric” system with the added focusing motion into the classic Dedolight.about_dedo_3

Through the years, we have continued to stay on top of market trends and needs, and
while we continue to reinvent our Dedolights, we are constantly creating new lighting
equipment for the ever-evolving professional. Since we understand that many lighting
situations demand both direct light as well as gentle, wrap-around soft light, we also
build dedicated soft light sources that offer a distinctly defined clean character beam
without compromise.

From the beginning, we have never stopped trying to improve our Dedolights and we
have relentlessly pursued innovative optical principles and concepts designed to further
improve our professional lighting instruments, and it does not end here, it continues to
be a day-to-day ingredient of our continued dedication and enthusiasm.