DG.. – Gel Filters


The DLH4 series of Aspherics² light heads provide significantly higher light output which goes along with increased heat output from the front lens.

The classic Dedolight in generations DLH1 through DLH3 utilized a gel filter holder (DFH) directly in front of the light head.

Some gel filters (blues, ND and darker colors) absorb too much of this added light output and will not provide sufficient gel lifetime.

When using these types of gel filters on the DLH4 and DLHM4–300 light heads, use the larger size gels attached by the clips of the new DBD8 barn door or attach to a standard barn door by other means.

Note: Order codes for different gel sizes.
To fit the DFH filter holder (classic Dedolight): no suffix (example: DGMD)
To fit the DBD8 (new classic barn door): add suffix „8“ (example: DGMD8)
To fit the Series 400 filter holder: add suffix „400“ (example: DGMD400)
To fit the Series 400 barn door: add suffix „4008“ (example: DGMD4008)

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