DedoPAR – Daylight Light Head

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The DedoPAR is a 575 / 400 W PAR light head which operates with the Dedolight DEB400D electronic ballast as used with the DLH400D daylight focusing light head and DLH400S daylight soft light.
The light head is fitted with push buttons so that it can be started from the light head as well as from the ballast (similar to the operation of the Dedolight DLH400D light head).

The DedoPAR can be used in two different configurations.

I. As a PAR light
The PAR light version shows high light efficiency due to good reflector design and a focusing control. The light head without a diffusion lens will give you high light output, but you will experience fairly useable light distribution only in one focusing position for any given distance.
As with other par lights, the beam can be modified with the use of three interchangeable lenses.

II. As aSoft Light (Direct / Soft)
The front part (reflector) of the DedoPAR can be replaced with the direct / soft attachment.
The removable speed ring accepts Dedoflex small and medium silver and white domes as well as Dedoflex Octodome and many Chimera and Photoflex soft boxes.
This attachment is fitted with a quartz glass tube which serves as a very efficient UV–cut filter. A safety switch is included, which will shut down the light if the protective glass filter tube is missing or damaged.

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