DLH400SDT – Daylight / Tungsten Soft Light

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Daylight / Tungsten Soft Light 400/575W

A dedicated 400/575 W soft light. Works with an amazing variety of soft boxes: dedoflex, Photoflex and Chimera. Two times the light output when compared to any soft box mounted to a Fresnel fixture. Perfectly even light distribution. Works with the proven dedolight DEB400DT ballast (same ballast as for DLH400DT focusing daylight fixture).

Integrated speed ring for dedoflex medium and PanAura®/Octodome 5.


Technical Data: DLH400SDT

Weight:      1575 g (3.4 lbs)

Lamp:        DL400DHR-NB 400 W daylight single ended, Hot Restrike

Cable:        DPOW400DT, 7 m (23 ’ )

Mounting:   16 mm (5/8 “ ) receptacle and 28 mm (11/8 “ ) stud

Safety:       Auto cut – off when protective tube missing or damaged

UV:            Protective quartz glass tube with UV – cut function

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