SPS5 – 5-Light Portable Studio Kit

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The Portable Studio gives you all the power of Dedolight’s award winning lights in a package compact enough for even a one person camera crew. Comparable lighting kits from other manufacturers can weigh three times as much, are more than three times the size and don’t offer the same potential.
Elements of this lighting system are regularly used on elaborate Hollywood film productions ($ 100 million blockbusters) and for intricate special effects sequences, such as on Harry Potter, Armageddon and Lord of the Rings.
It’s no surprise that Dedolights have already won two awards from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an Emmy.

More light in the smallest package – The 5-Light-Kit
Magic in a Box

2 DLH1x150S Soft light head, 150W tungsten
2 HTP150S High temperature resistant pouch
2 DT24-1 Power supply, 150 W/24V
1 DSBSXS Mini softbox
1 DLGRIDXS Mini grid
1 DSBSS Silver dome, small
1 DLGRIDS Grid, small
3 DLHM4-300 Light head with built-in transformer
3 DPLS Light shield ring
3 DBD8 Barndoors
3 DFH Filter holder
1 DGW Gel filter, warm tone
1 DGMB Gel filter, mixed blue
1 DGMD Gel filter, diffusion
1 DGCOL Gel filter, color effect
1 DSCK Scrim set
1 DSCP Scrim pouch
1 DP1 Projection Attachment/Imager
1 DPGH Gobo holder
1 DPGSET Gobo set
1 CLAMP1 Clamp
1 DSTFX Flexible stand extension
5 DST Stand
2 DLBOX Plastic box
4 DL150-NB Halogen lamp 150 W/24 V, clear
6 DL150 Halogen lamp 150 W/24 V, black tipped
1 DSC2/2-200 Soft case
Size: 83 x 40 x 33 cm / 33″ x 16″ x 13″
Weight: 20 kg / 44 lbs

Quick and easy

For many small mobile teams, it is not only important to work effectively and offer the best possible quality, but also to work on a deadline.
To help achieve this, Dedolights can be set up faster and easier than any others.
Typically, the biggest delay comes at the end of the shoot, when light heads are hot, making “tear down” difficult. With Dedolight’s heat resistant pouches, made with ceramic textile space technology materials, mobile professionals can quickly pack the hot light heads from the soft lights without any delay. There is no problem packing the focusing light heads while still warm.


New backpack options fit all portable studio kits, with the exception of the 6-light kit.

To carry Easy, comfortable, ergonomic
Top quality adjustable shoulder and belt straps with two handles.
To pack Adjustable inner dividers offer protection, easy handling and balanced weight distribution.
To ship Shoulder and belt straps disappear in the zip-up kangaroo pouch. Backpack can be checked as luggage without worrying about airport baggage handlers who have a particular talent in destroying equipment.
To keep Made with top quality materials and components to protect your equipment.

Size: 70 x 50 x 30 cm (27,6 x 19,7 x 11,8“)
Weight: 4,5 kg (9,9 lbs)

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